Review of Groegg Digital Room Thermometer

How long and how often your baby sleeps through the night is a very popular discussion topic for most new parents. Ensuring that your baby is comfortable and staying at a steady temperature throughout the night could help you in implementing a good steady sleep routine.

According to the Lullaby Trust, a charity based in the UK providing information to parents about safer sleeping for babies, room temperature is an important factor to consider when reducing the risk of SIDS. They say the perfect temperature for a baby’s room should be between 16 and 20°C and that this should be combined with a lightweight baby sleeping bag or secure light bedding.


Using a room thermometer helps to visually see the temperature of the room and make adjustments accordingly, either by opening a window or altering the gauge on the radiator. The thermometer currently sitting in our little tester’s nursery is the groegg.

The groegg has been in his room since he was a newborn and has definitely been an essential nursery item.


As the groegg gives you a clear visual indictor, both with a light and the actual temperature, it makes it easy to quickly to see how warm it is without having to squint in the dark. Also, when the egg is blue (too cold) or red (too hot) a little sad face displays in the corner just to remind you that something might need to be changed. When the egg is yellow, a smiley face lights up to confirm the room is at the correct temperature. No face is shown when the groegg is orange.


The whole egg lights up including the actual temperature gauge, which makes it easy to see to which colour it is even on really sunny days. The groegg can be used as a night light, although I don’t find it very bright, it can be useful to quickly check on the baby without disturbing them too much.

I personally think the groegg is quite cute and makes an attractive and practical accessory to a baby’s nursery. Also the egg is quite small (dimensions: 70 x 110mm) meaning that it isn’t going to be take up too much room on a shelf. The compactness also allows it to be easily transported, so if you wish you can take it away with you. Just make sure that you have access to a plug socket as this is the only way it can be powered. However, I do think this is a positive as means you don’t have to worry about it running out of battery in the middle of the night!

As the groegg is powered by the mains it does therefore have a wire, which you have to make sure is away from the baby’s cot, as it can be a hazard. This could mean that the temperature where your baby sleeps maybe slightly different to where the groegg is placed, especially if you have a large nursery. Also make sure you don’t place the groegg near a window or a radiator, as it could give you false reading.

I would definitely recommend the groegg to anyone who thinking of buying a room thermometer for their baby’s nursery. The only thing I would suggest is to shop around as the prices do vary from £14.95 – £19.99.

Thanks for reading!

Alice x







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