Life Update

I know that I updated the blog a couple of times and then disappeared, but life became super hectic. Around the time of my last post, family came to visit and the time was filled with having fun and making new memories. We spent the week exploring what was on offer in and around Yorkshire, making sure that the activities were suitable for both the adults and the children in the group (which is harder than it sounds). But seeing what your local area has to offer through the eyes of others, really makes you step back and appreciate the little things you take for granted about where you live.

Fountains Abbey – Ripon

Inside Fountains Abbey – Ripon

I don’t know whether it’s just me, but I find that when family come to visit time has a funny habit of just zooming by, and before you know it the day is over and you’re heading up to bed feeling rather exhausted. At the end of a very quick week the family took the long drive back down to Suffolk and we were left trying to remember what the day was. img_3881_srgb

As well as spending time with family, this summer was particularly enjoyable as it was filled with many exciting firsts for the little tester. He was able to water the plants, learn to kick a ball and splash in the paddling pool. We found that anything water related was a definite favourite, even if it meant many soaked t-shirts.

Summer came to an end and the colder months started to set in, which I’ve got to admit is not something I enjoy. However, the idea that Christmas was around the corner was an exciting prospects. 

Shortly before Christmas, was the little one’s second birthday and many days were filled with practicing the eagerly awaited Peppa Pig cake I had promised. I do have a love for baking but I don’t quite see myself a Bake Off contestant anytime soon. Luckily through many hours of trawling through Pintrest, I managed to find a very clear and easy to follow recipe. The end product was a huge success with the little one recognising it was Peppa Pig, which to be honest was my main aim.


Christmas day then arrived rather swiftly and of course the day was occupied with eating fabulous food and spending time with family. The little one was not really interested in opening any presents and really just wanted to play with the toys he already had (typical toddler). Towards the end of the day though he did start to take more interest in his new kitchen and make us all cups of tea. 

Now we are in the middle of February and I have decided I’m going to be blogging again, as the few posts I did I thoroughly enjoyed.

The next post is going to be a review of Ewan the Dream Sheep.

Alice x


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