Review of the Mamas and Papas Baby Bud Highchair.

When your baby starts to wean, a highchair is a definite essential. There are so many different options on the market to choose from and it can be overwhelming. However, there are a few things to consider that might help you to choose which highchair would be the best for you and your baby. Such as;

  • How much space do you have?
  • Do you want something that can easily be stored away?
  • Will you be taking it to other people’s houses?
  • Will you want your baby to be at the table with you?

For us, it was important to have something that wouldn’t take up too much room in our kitchen, and also something which could easily be stored away. After searching on the internet for ages we came across the Mamas and Papas Baby Bud, and it has fitted our needs perfectly.


The Baby Bud basically fixes onto your dining table chair, meaning that you don’t have a big clumpy highchair cluttering up your kitchen. Which is fantastic if like us, you’re short on space and you have two dogs constantly trying to trip you up.


Baby Bud attached to the dining room chair

The Baby Bud is suitable from 6 months to 3 years.


Assembling the Baby Bud is incredibly straightforward and I found that I didn’t even need to glance at the instructions. It is just a simple case of attaching the feet into the slots at the bottom of the seat (with quite a hard shove), as the straps and removable seat pad were already in place.

The feet can be placed into three different height positions, meaning it can be fitted to a variety of different chairs and tables. The only thing I do find slightly challenging with this seat is moving the height of the feet (it can be quite difficult, as they are rather stiff). But once you set them at the correct height for your table, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.


Comfort and Ease of Use

The Baby Bud seems to be really comfortable for the little tester, even from when he was 6 months old when he first started to wean to now at 2 and a half. The seat pad is well cushioned and appears to help keep younger babies in a more upright position. The pad is removable for when your child gets older, we removed ours just after the little one turned two, just to give him that little bit of extra room.


Removable insert

The buckle is really straightforward to use, all you have to do is clip the pieces into each side and that’s it your baby is securely strapped in. To take your child out all you have to do is press the button in the middle and the pieces will just release. The harness is really easy to adjust, you just pull the straps either side of the buckle and tighten as much as you need, to loosen just pull on the grey sliders either side of the buckle.


3 point harness

Cleaning the Baby Bud is about as uncomplicated as it can get, all the pieces are wipe clean and there are no awkward places for food to hide. One (possibly two if it has been a particularly messy meal) anti-bacterial wipe is enough to clean the seat, ready for the next meal time.

The table tray is of a reasonable size and has quite a deep lip around the edges, which helps to avoid loads of food on the floor when your baby decides to make a quick swooshing movement. However, when the little tester got older and he wanted to eat from a plate and have his drink in front of him, I did find the tray slightly small.

The tray is easy to fix onto the Baby Bud and there are three set positions depending on the size of your child, once you have found the perfect position just clip the locks into place, and it is securely fixed onto the seat.

How does it fit to the chair?

To fit the seat to the chair there are 2 straps, one which goes underneath and the other which goes around the back, the feet are also non-slip to prevent the seat from slipping on the chair once the both straps are in place. It also sits really well on the floor, if you decide you want to use it as an extra place to put your baby.

Final Thoughts

From my own personal experience of using the Mamas and Papas Baby Bud, I would highly recommend this product. It’s easy to use and it feels safe and secure on the chair. Also the little one looks really comfortable in the seat, which is really important, especially in the early days of weaning.

However, if you do want to travel with it is rather bulky and doesn’t fold flat like other travel highchairs on the market. This is definitely a highchair to keep in the house rather than one you would take on a day out.

Buying a Baby Bud

You can buy a Baby Bud (in various colours) directly from Mamas and Papas for £45. Other places such as Precious Little One and Amazon also sell the Baby Bud, but prices are round about the same. If you don’t need this item straight away, it would be worth looking out for sales, as we managed to buy ours for £30 in the sale.

If your baby needs some entertainment while sitting in the seat you can buy the additional Babyplay Activity Tray which just clips onto the table tray; this costs around £19.

Thank you for reading,

Alice x

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